I grew up on a mixed farm in Saskatchewan. My childhood was spent working in a huge garden, blessed with lots of growing time for me and the plants. Our family raised and  butchered our grass raised beef every year. Hunting parties were our regular fall gatherings with family and friends; a chance to make my grandpa’s German goulash with wild game and to bring the banjo out for a jam session.  One neighbour raised chickens, another pigs. Farm fresh eating was the ultimate luxury during summer and autumn months and by the time winter came around my Grandma, mom and aunts had pickled, canned, and frozen enough of the excess to get us through. While not a ‘fancy’ cook, my mom is a good, steady farm cook but baking bread is another story. My mom makes delicious bread and it’s still in great demand from family and friends alike.

I grew up, went to university and got my BSc. Paleontology. Had a family and moved to Calgary. I enjoyed cooking and experimenting a bit but it wasn’t really until we moved the family across the world that I really fell in love with pretty much everything to do with food. We lived in Bateman, Western Australia (Perth) for two and a half years and during that time I really became inspired by the local food scene. It’s a glorious mash-up of the freshest available Australian products mixed with cuisines from around the world.

While living overseas, we took the opportunity to travel to other countries as well. South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Bruneii, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Once in a while (but not enough!) you will see these influences in my cooking. I always become inspired when I travel!

It’s been almost five years since I started Dish ‘n’ the kitchen. I’ve learned so much during those years and not all of it is technical. I cherish the people of I’ve met and each experience I’ve had and I look forward to so much more!

Enjoy! Bernice




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  1. Hi Bernice, great blog! We really are spoilt for choice for fresh food in Australia, I completely take it for granted when I travel around and come back home to food that tastes as it should. I love that you have been around, I’m sure your recipes will reflect the fusion cuisine 😉

  2. Great blog. I grew up on the NSW Central Coast with an abundance of everything fresh, then moved to Brandon, Manitoba in January for a year as an exchange student in 1988. Talk about a difference! Luckily most of my host mom’s were great cooks, especially the one from Quebec. Less luckily I gained loads of weight! I went back a few years later and lived in Medicine Hat for about 6 months – Calgary is one of my favourite places. Look forward to reading more of your blog

    • Hi Mel. Yes, the difference is quite amazing.. though we are in summer now so we’re trying to eat as fresh and local as possible! It is cherry season in BC, soon to be apricots and we’re enjoying local lettuce, beans and mushrooms.
      I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’ve just had a major flood. The Saddledome was filled with water and there are so many people forced out of their homes along the river…billions of dollars of damage. They haven’t even come up with a total yet. Everyone is just devastated but the community spirit is filled with giving and lending a hand. Absolutely amazing. you should come back for a visit!

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  4. From one Canuck to another … HELLO !! I stopped by as a result of a mutual blogging friends’ recommendation (foodisthebestshitever) and … I’m glad I did !! I look forward to seeing more from you … stay hungry !! 🙂

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