Second Annual FRESH Dinner at Market Calgary

As Grow Calgary’s only fundraising event for the entire year, the FRESH dinner event at Market Calgary is an important day for all involved. Funds raised during the unique dinner keep the Grow Calgary farm operational, which in turn helps them provide farm fresh vegetables to those who would otherwise go without. I was pleased to attend the event last year, and I was so very amazed at how the vegetables were prepared and elevated by the chefs (who donate their time to the dinner) at Market.

The present economy here in the province has led to an increase of 67% of users at the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. Just sit back for a moment and let that sink in. So many people have been severely affected by the flailing economy in a province where virtually every business is tied to oil.  There is an ever growing need for compassionate food here in Calgary and Paul Hughes and his volunteers at Grow Calgary have pledged to do their best so that all Calgarians can have access to fresh, local food.

Why is this dinner so FRESH? Market’s chefs will race against the clock to harvest & prepare a 4-course meal made exclusively from Grow Calgary’s produce. The ingredients will have been harvested only mere hours before its plated and presented to the guest to enjoy. FRESH

Tickets are still available for this timely dinner. To attend, follow this link and help get Calgary growing!

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