What Would Julia Cook? French Toast

Ah brioche. That golden loaf of goodness purchased in the spur of the moment…what would Julia cook? Why French Toast of course! I just couldn’t resist this perfectly golden and airy brioche from Yum Bakery at the Calgary Farmer’s Market and with the weekend coming up, I knew that the whole family would appreciate a special Saturday morning breakfast.brioche

Making French toast isn’t really rocket science so I don’t generally use a recipe. I just crack as many eggs into a flat pan as I think necessary (remember if you run out it’s easy to make more!) then add a splash of milk and some ground cinnamon. Since the yolks don’t need to be separated or even whole for that matter, this is a great time to practice your one handed egg cracking technique.briocheeggsAdd some butter to a hot pan and soak your bread for a minute or two in your milk/egg mixture, then flip. If you like cinnamon as much as I do you can sprinkle some more on top of the floating brioche pieces.briochesoakAdd the soaked pieces to the hot buttered pan and fry until they are golden.frenchtoastpan2When they are done cooking, sprinkle with powdered sugar and add your favourite syrup or fruit conserve and enjoy!frenchtoastplateWhile I was making the brioche French toast I decided to use up the older cinnamon buns that I had hanging around. They were a great variation on regular French toast.cinabunfrenchtoast

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10 thoughts on “What Would Julia Cook? French Toast

  1. Now I need to make some cinnamon buns, let them sit on the counter for a couple of days to make these French Toast!! Nice post Bernice

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