In My Kitchen September 2014

Sometimes things just don’t progress as you would expect them to; the way they’ve always happened year after year. I’m speaking right now about the seasons here in Canada, specifically Calgary. The kids have all gone back to school and the leaves were just beginning to turn yellow. We enjoyed a lovely weekend of football and outdoor activities….and then it was over. Calgary has already been placed into the icy grip of winter…with two weekends of summer still to pass. The green leaves on the trees have captured huge amounts of snow, causing the trees to bend then snap as the load becomes too much to bear. In word this early snow and absence of a proper fall is brutal. It is soul damaging. With 8 months of every year being winter and enduring freezing temperatures and darkness. Sound depressing? If you live in Canada you know exactly what I’m talking about.

We were just beginning to enjoy some autumn produce. I went for a purple theme here:veggiesA short hour later they were literally transformed into Borscht.

borschtSome lovely Kolrabi016Which got made into fritters.kohlrabifrittersA tasty Artichoke and Chicken Dish to help use up all those homegrown herbs.002A can of NED tuna signed by Ned Bell, a Vancouver Chef doing a cross Canada bike tour to raise awareness about sustainable seafood and Bob Blumer, Chef and Food Network Celebrity.005And to prove it’s not all about the food, some dark purple gladiolus to remind me of warmer days.002Thank goodness for Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. I know soon the weather will be heating up in Australia just as ours is cooling down here. I’m looking forward to hers and many more posts from the land down under so that I can live vicariously through them as the snow is blowing outside here in Calgary. If you would like to join us check out her September post of In My Kitchen.



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18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen September 2014

  1. Oh, I cannot believe that it has already snowed in Calgary! I remember my Winnipeg winters all to well and understand completely how you feel. I hope that you are able to plan a holiday to warmer climes during the school holidays – it’s the only way to break the icy grip of a Canadian winter! Love all the purpleness going on in your kitchen! The chicken and artichokes look absolutely delicious!!

  2. Living in a temperate climate, I can only begin to imagine how it is to live with a long cold winter. We’ve had a very early burst of warmth, the seasons are definitely changing. That borscht looks stunning!

  3. Living in northern Australia provides a climate where it’s never really cold. Not like growing up back in Maine. That said, I’m quite happy to have summer back when you’re done with it.

    That borscht sent me swooning and wishing I had all the ingredients in the house to start cooking it right now. It’s a favourite of mine!

  4. Oh Bernice I’m sorry fall seems to have been obliterated for now. Thank you for posting these yummy uses for veg etc. My mother in law gave me some kohl rabi the other week and I had no idea what you can do with them. Now I shall make fritters! Yes, our spring is peeping out from behind winters grip and today is supposed to be a balmy 23 degrees Celsius. Why don’t you move back over here? We’d love to have you back 🙂

  5. i love your purple produce and flowers. What a shame your summer has gone out with a bang not a whimper:) Living in sunny queensland (as does Maureen) it is hard to remember that other climes have so much winter ahead of them. it is a gorgeous day here and we are off to a food fair this weekend. keep warm.

  6. Goodness! So that was Autumn then. That’s a bit of a shame as I can tell you need that bit of warmth and colour to get you through the long winter ahead. I know Calgary’s a fair way up the continent but you have me slightly concerned. Next week we head over to the US and in a week or so we’ll be in Yellowstone. Though I’m fine with snow, I was really hoping for Fall conditions but maybe by the time we get there, it will also be in the grip of Winter. I will have to follow the weather very closely in the coming days. In other news…. kohlrabi fritters! They look delicious and are a clever way to use it so I will keep that in mind when it is next in season here. I have to say that I’ve seen gladdys in many colours but not in that deep purple hue. Lovely! xx

    • I’m not sure why…but your message got spammed!
      I think you’ll be fine next week and for a while after that. What we here in Calgary are calling ‘Snowtember’ is OVER!!! YAY! Back to sunshine for a while yet but watch out for those nights, they can get pretty nippy! Have a great trip!

  7. Bernice, only YOU would get a can of tuna autographed! Love it! 🙂 And I can’t believe it’s snowing already! I hope that’s just a temporary hiccup and the sun peeks out again soon. Your purple foods are beautiful though – best part of Autumn! I shall make a note to take photos of sunshine for you over the coming months! xxx

  8. Oh, poor you, snow already! Your food looks delicious though. Kohlrabi fritters? Wow, those look interesting. Not even sure I’ve ever seen kohlrabi here in Alice Springs. Thank you for the tour of your kitchen. Stay warm!

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