In My Kitchen August 2014

Whew! August….summer seems to be rushing by. It’s  like I’ve blinked and July has come and gone.  August should be a bit slower in this house because kid number one has football practice almost every night and that kind of limits our summer activities. I forsee that August will be a busy food month as all the summer fruits and vegetables are harvested and sold. I’ve already got a jump start on some canning…I made some rhubarb barbeque sauce and some strawberrry and rhubarb jam with what very well may be the last of the rhubarb pickings. Unlike previous years I’ve actually managed to get about four good harvests out of my rhubarb plants AND make good use out of it.

My tiny little community garden plots have been producing some really lovely mixed lettuce greens for a while now, but on my last visit I just couldn’t resist pulling up some of these young Chioggia Beets, also known as Candy Cane Beets. I roasted them in a pan covered with foil during the cool hours of the evening to have on our salads for the next couple of days.071I ended up roasting the last of our Okanagan cherries with a bit of balsamic in the oven. I was really keen on making a classic cheesecake with a bit of a twist on the cherries but I just ran out of time. Instead I preserved them with a bit of amaretto and intend on using them in cocktails in the winter…right about the time I start dreaming of Okanagan cherries.cherriesI’m never too sad to see the end of cherry season because that means that apricots, plums, and the beginnings of peaches. 003And of course, some really nice cut gladiolas to brighten up my kitchen.088I had so much ‘summer bounty’ in my kitchen this weekend that after I made the barbeque sauce and jam I was still keen on cooking. I posted my adventures on my Facebook status and invited the first person who left a comment for dinner. We ended up seeing some treasured friends that we never get to see enough of.  They have a two year old and another on the way…I’d forgotten what it was like to have little hand prints on my refrigerator.092
We had a lovely dinner beginning with some of these fresh fava bean crostini with truffle oil. Our company had never tried truffle before but of course they decided that they definitely liked it. Have YOU ever met anyone that doesn’t enjoy truffle?052 Later for dinner we enjoyed some marinated flank steak and King crab legs that we cooked on the barbeque as well fresh, sweet Alberta corn and a quickly tossed together Caprese salad with bocconcini, home grown tomatoes and basil.097I hadn’t really planned on dessert after all of that food but it’s always nice to end the evening on a sweet note. I quickly sliced up a pineapple which hubby grilled while I whipped up some cream spiked with a bit of amaretto. It was the perfect ending to a meal best shared with friends.

A huge thanks to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this fun monthly peek into kitchens around the world. If you would like to join or just drool over her amazing bread and chocolate posts head on over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

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17 thoughts on “In My Kitchen August 2014

  1. Wonderful photos !! (I just saw the link to your blog on Fig Jam & Lime Cordial – are you going to send her a recipe for scones for Int’l Scone Week?

  2. See, now I want fresh fava bean crostini for breakfast. You’re always doing this to me, Bernie, last time I read your post, I was craving cocktails! So much beautifully coloured produce on your blog – the cherries and stone fruit are gorgeous, but those little beets are really too cute for words (as are the wee handprints on your fridge!). 🙂

  3. I saw you mention the Okanagan and my heart skipped a beat. It is not often I come across a new-to-me Canadian blogger, let alone one from here in the valley. Then I read more and I see perhaps you are in Calgary. Nevertheless I loved the roasted cherries in balsamic, one of my favourite seasonal recipes.

  4. What a great idea to invite the first person that comments to dinner!. Your summer is coming to an end and ours will soon be here …hopefully.

  5. What a beautiful kitchen you have this month! I love grilled pineapple it is my favourite! ! Oh and it is true… who doesn’t love truffle????
    Thanks so much for sharing! Liz x

    • YES, that is why I like to follow so many Aussie blogs…then I know at least it is summer there when we are shoveling snow here. It’s comforting though at times frustrating too.

  6. I’m just loving looking at all your beautiful fresh produce. I’ve been trying to plant our veggies patch but the rain hasn’t stopped for weeks, I can’t bring myself to get out there in the cold but you have inspired me! I also love the look of your fava bean crostini.

    • Vicki, I know exactly how you feel. Our lovely gorgeous weather is slowing leaving us and we have months of winter ahead of us. That’s a big reason why I follow so many Aussie bloggers…to keep lovely, vibrant, fresh fruit and vegetables in my mind makes me inspired and hopeful. Summer will arrive I promise!

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