In My Kitchen – March 2014

It seems like I’m squeaking by with my posts every month as I find posting ‘In My Kitchen’ by the tenth of each month really difficult to do. So much of what goes on happens after the tenth of every month..that I am unable to post! Alas, I do understand our dear host Celia’s predicament…this monthly peak into other people’s kitchens is a lot of work for her and probably would take up all of her time if there wasn’t a dead line. So, a huge thanks to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for this fun little monthly view into kitchens around the world.

Let’s kick off the month of March with Mardi Gras!kingcake1I used the new copper bowl I got for my birthday (In February) to make my first soufflΓ©.110133I called my Aunt Diana and finally got her recipe for Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls. I made up a couple of trays. One to freeze and one to eat.009We have been working on finishing the bathroom in the basement for a while now, actually two years! Hubby is on the painting stage, then he will tile, and then my older son will do the plumbing. When Hubby was taking a break from painting I had him put this up in the kitchen.060I think it adds a bit of rustic charm to the kitchen and it’s handy too. We used to have a wooden hook for our bananas but it broke recently so I awoke this morning to find the bananas had a new home.

I love this locally roasted Godfather Espresso from Fratello Roasters. Hubby and I can’t live without our morning lattΓ©.009I can finally feel a bit of spring in the air so I spent some time and money reorganizing the pantry. So far only one of the shelves are finished. My mom says I may have too many things in there but I have to disagree. I use everything in there all the time!010See you next month!


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18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – March 2014

    • Kids are definitely out of the box thinkers. BTW the first day we had the rack up I looked for my new spatula (the one in the souffle picture) for about half an hour. Then when I was having coffee at the table I just happened to look up and the kids had hung it up!

  1. Hi Bernice, happy birthday for February, the copper bowl looks like it would be great to mix in.
    The soufflΓ© looks wonderful and there really is nothing better than a good coffee in the morning.
    thanks for showing us around your kitchen.
    cheers Jason

  2. Bernice, your kitchen looks so neat and organised! Love the copper bowl – what a magnificent gift! Btw, there are no format rules with IMK (other than the upload deadline and the link back) – I’m always posting things from the month before in the following post – I just put together a collection during the previous month of highlights to share on the 1st! πŸ™‚

  3. I love your beautiful shiny copper bowl, my poor old thing is very very tarnished on the outside! The pot rack is a perfect place to display it! Nice to peek in your kitchen Bernice!

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