Chocolate, Coffee and Walnut Cake

This looks delicious and the in laws are coming for a visit soon…very suitable for a decadent dessert with the inlaws!

Please Pass the Recipe


One of my favourite wine makers is Charles Melton in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. Charlie is the quintessential Aussie primary producer, hardworking, layback, self effacing and passionate about his product.

The Charles Melton label produces only red wine. They are red wines of outstanding quality, ranging in style from a predominantly Grenache rosé to a luscious, unctious dessert wine labelled “Sotto de Ferro”.

Made in the style of vin santo, muscadelle and pedro ximinex grapes are hand picked, then the bunches are hung in a corrugated iron shed for up to eight weeks to naturally dehydrate. When the juice is considered to be sufficiently concentrated, the grapes are pressed in a basket press for a low yield of juice which is then yeasted and fermented in old barrels for 18 months. When fermentation is complete the wine is then barrel aged for a further 4 years before it is bottled.

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