After School Treats – Apple Fritter Mini Bites

There’s a short window of time in between when the kids get home from school and when they leave for their respective activities. For kid number one this usually  means catching up with Dr. Who, followed by a quick snack, dog walk, and then football.  For teenage kid number two this means retiring to her room to do homework in her PJ’s OR karate on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It seems like there’s very little time to catch up and learn how each other’s day went or maybe we are just past that phase of family life now.

But I’ve hit upon a secret. Bake and they will come….


When I saw this recipe from Nouveaunomnoms I knew that this would be the snack to grab the kid’s attention. They are super easy to make and taste phenomenal. In fact, they were mostly gone by the time I finished the clean up dishes.

The recipe calls for two apples. This is a bit vague so If you have a hard time (like me) deciding how much ‘two apples’ weigh…just go with your gut. I had two different sized Honey Crisp apples. After I peeled, cored, and chopped them up I probably  had about two cups of small diced apple. This was just enough for us and I wouldn’t have put anymore in after that. I like the healthy addition of Greek yoghurt and for those of you with egg allergies, this is a recipe for you.


Kid number two has very sensitive ears and a great sense of smell. If she hears my KitchenAid whirrr or the oven timer going off, she pokes her head out of her domain and heads into the kitchen.  It definitely helps when what I am baking contains apples and cinnamon, two of her favourite flavours.  Today she was just in time to finish off the freshly baked fritters by dipping them first in melted butter, then in a sugar/cinnamon combo.



After all that hard work she put four on a plate and headed back up to her room. She popped one into her mouth on the way, then turned right around and put two more on before disappearing.  Kid number two snapped out of his Dr. Who trance and immediately filled his plate the first time. Poor hubby, by the time he got home from work there was one lonely apple fritter left on the rack.


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8 thoughts on “After School Treats – Apple Fritter Mini Bites

  1. They look beautiful! I should have specified the apple amount, I actually measured and had about 1 cup of cooked apples that went into the batter. I’m glad the recipe worked well for you, and that your kids ate them all up!

    • Nothing stopping you from making warned though they are super addictive!
      Thanks for dropping by. I guess you’re in Calgary as well so maybe one of these days our paths will cross.
      you never know!

  2. You are so right – nothing attracts teenagers or young adults like baking. Mine are well into their “cave” phase, but a fresh, warm rack of cookies brings them out like the first blow flies of spring (an Aussie reference!).

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