In My Kitchen – September Edition

Now that the kids are back in school my days are pretty quiet. I’ve been savouring the lovely weather because I really am not ready for winter yet. There are still some green leaves on the trees but there are also some who have completely given up.

This time of year I try to hold my breath to stop the time from continuing on…if only I could. The Farmer’s Markets are filled to the brim with amazing produce as is the little community garden plot I planted this year.

001Some of my purple carrots getting ready to be roasted for Sunday roast dinner.


I went temporarily insane and bought 10 kgs of Roma Tomatoes which I turned into passata over a three day period.

020I went to an estate sale and got this nifty plant stand. I’m hoping these succulents and cacti do a bit better in this location.

earl grey

My sister thought she had a useless apple tree with the smallest, tartest apples…I got her to pick me a pail full and I made my own pectin from their juices. It turns out these apples are perfect for making pectin. With the pectin from the apples, I was able to make this lovely red Earl Grey Jelly.


As promised, my kitchen tool drawer. Yes, it’s chaotic but it is organized chaos.  I try to keep the spiky things like skewers on the left, the grater on the right, and tools that I don’t use too often (turkey baster) to the back. I see one tool is missing though. My green spoon. My favourite spoon that went with me to Australia and back in my kitchen supplies. I probably only paid $2 for it but I’ve had it forever and I use it all the time. It’s probably dirty.

PicMonkey Collage

My first experiment with lacto fermentation. While my kids love dill pickles, they are skeptical.  Do any of you have any experience with lacto fermentation?

Many thanks to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for featuring the monthly ‘In My Kitchen’ posts from around the world. If you’re the nosy sort (like me) and want to see what’s in other bloggers kitchen’s check out this list: In My Kitchen

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12 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – September Edition

  1. Hey your pickles are looking good!! Just give it a bit more time. I’ve tried lacto fermentation with sauerkraut. Was sooo good!!
    10kgs of toms!! WOW May have been a moment of temporary insanity however you’ll be laughing all Winter when you open a jar and remember the beautiful smells of your fresh summer tomatoes xx

    • yeah…the pickles are ready to be put in the fridge now. I’m thinking of taking them out of the big jar and putting them in jars with a bit of vinegar/brine. The kids say they are not sour enough.

  2. Your purple carrots are lovely – purple carrots are my very favourite kind, so pretty. I’ve never tried lacto-fermentation, but I do like the idea of having a science experiment on my bench. Hubby not so much 😉

  3. Bernice, are you ever called Bernie? There’s something so familiar and Aussie about your posts that I always find myself thinking of you as Bernie.. 🙂 Your purple carrots are gorgeous, and I love your bonkers moment making passata. And isn’t homemade pectin just the best thing ever! How fabulous that you have a source of apples! 🙂

    • yes, when i was younger people called me Bernie.Not much of that now. I didn’t really meet any other Bernice’s until I moved to Australia!
      I repeat that bonkers moment EVERY year. You’d think I’d learn LOL

  4. wow it seems like you are doing a great job of preserving which really is about being able to return to this moment in time, don’t you think? your grandmother would be proud of you – I love all of it – never heard of earl grey jelly before – sounds great

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