Tomato Rosemary Focaccia

In addition to all the sweet baking I had ready for the Calgary Food Bloggers Bake Sale I thought it would be nice to do a couple of savoury treats as well. Vincci of Ceci n’est pas une food blog had mentioned they were usually in short supply but sold well at bake sales. Though I had done the majority of the baking the day before the sale, I wanted these foccacia to be super fresh so I made them the morning of. As soon as they were cooled down I packaged them up and headed down to the Calgary Farmer’s Market to deliver the goodies and help set up.

I’ve used a couple of different foccacia recipes in the past and this one from Elise Bauer on Simply Recipes was by far the most labour intensive. In my opinion it took way too long. I need to find that one hour focaccia recipe again! Also, I wouldn’t mind trying one with beer added to the batter. As we all know beer makes better batter!



The first proofing


The best part about making focaccia? The hole poking!


Finished Product #1 Yup, I grew the tomatoes and rosemary.


Finished product #2

Recipe is here.

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