Calgary Food Bloggers Bake Sale at Sundown Chowdown


Though it’s early in the week I’m already starting to gear up for this Friday’s Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale  held from 5-9 pm at Calgary Farmer’s Market. I can’t wait to share my baked goods with people and raise money for an excellent cause; The Calgary Foundations Flood Rebuilding Fund.


It’s also my first opportunity to meet some Calgary Food Bloggers, some of whom I correspond with on a regular basis. YAY! Happy Dance!


Not only that, you can check out some of the most delicious food trucks that Calgary has to offer at the Sundown Chowdown.  Food trucks to be in attendance so far:

Naaco Truck
Perogy Boyz
Red Wagon Diner
Sticky Ricky’s
Cheezy Biz
Farm Girls
Fiasco Gelato
Avatara Pizza
Jelly Modern Doughnuts
Calgary Mini Doughnuts

Hope to see you there!!


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