Pesto Pickerel with Spring Asparagus Salad

One day, if I keep on thinking positively it will eventually become Spring. While the first day of Spring has come and gone we are still hovering around the freezing mark ending up with about five inches of fresh, white snow on the ground this weekend. Sure it’s pretty; pretty annoying! I’ve decided to force spring inside my house by starting spring cleaning and trying out new food ideas with lighter, healthier ingredients.   Comfort food does have its place in my heart but it is soooo ‘last season’. Instead of my usual Sunday Roast type of dinner I decided to thaw some delicious pickerel that I managed to snag at Costco. I’ve only ever seen it there one time and I’m glad I took the opportunity to buy some then. Pickerel is a very light, flaky white fish with a very delicate taste. I decided to do a fairly simple fish dish by covering the fillets with pesto and then dredging them in seasoned bread crumbs. I poured some Grape Seed Oil into the pan and quickly fried up some basil leaves.  Then I fried the fillets (2-3  minutes per side) and the fish was delicious! I even got compliments from both kids.

I was a bit more disappointed in the couscous/asparagus salad. While it looked good and everything was cooked properly, I would have liked a little more flavour.  I started by softening the tomatoes in a pan, I was busy shaving the asparagus with a vegetable peeler so they got a bit overdone.  Once shaved, the asparagus was a really quick stir fry in the pan. Some seasoning and juice from the tomatoes started to combine with the asparagus and then I seasoned it as well. I think what I would do differently next time is to make more of a vinaigrette type dressing because just drizzling a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar wasn’t enough.




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