Holy Yum Chicken

I think it’s finally time to scratch a recipe off that never ending ‘to do’ list of mine. I made a trip to Costco today because it seemed like we were out of pretty much everything. I guess having kids always means having an empty pantry and refrigerator. I picked up some chicken thighs and decided that today was the day to try out ‘Holy Yum Chicken‘ from the Table For Two blog. The pictures of luscious chicken with a pretty rosemary sauce were a real temptation for me. So much so that I hadn’t actually read the recipe. As I started making the sauce I realized how similar this recipe was to one that I make on a fairly regular basis. Similar, yet different as it also contains curry along with prepared yellow mustard, honey, and herbs. So, they both contain honey, mustard and herbs with the same cooking method. Sort of similar. Anyway, I knew it would be delicious and it was.




I did ask the family which dish they liked better and they all said they preferred this one, though it was a bit sweet. I will hold back on the maple syrup a bit so that it is more balanced.

recipe posted here

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