Very thought provoking…I hope I never reach ‘that level’

Confessions of a Modern Cook

I want to make things perfectly clear off the hop: I’m not hating the person as much as I hate the designation. Although it is oft argued where the term originated (whether it be the UK or US), it was nonetheless coined in the early 80’s when such other great contributions to popular culture were made such as the birth of a blond haired, blue eyed masterpiece that went on to swim naked in pools of milk at age 3 and never looked back.

At the time, Foodie was a means to help (what were) hobbyists be able to identify each other’s passions for everything food before it became the Food TV phenomena that exists today. In those early days of the 80’s there was this lost culture of food. The CIA wasn’t exactly the powerhouse that it is today and like any trade that has transitioned from the workplace to classroom; the…

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